Before there was #TheSockKing, there was just a guy with an extraordinary collection of socks! His hobby of collecting socks of every color, pattern, and theme imaginable coined him the name #TheSockKing. Vowing to wear a pair of new socks every day, #TheSockKing has collected thousands of pairs of socks, most of which he has donated to those in need both locally in the Boston area and across the globe.

#TheSockKing’s unusual hobby has now morphed into a full blown passion that he proudly shares with the world. A small peek into his collection will show an eccentric, unique, and one of a kind assemblage. #TheSockKing wears his socks like his personality: unconventional and distinctive. 

A family-first man, who adores his children, often incorporates some of their own style and character into the socks he makes. #TheSockKing is always looking to push the boundaries on style and originality and will never waiver with quality. Every new release will be exclusive and limited in quantity. Harboring on his commitment to “never wear the same pair of socks twice,” no two pairs will ever be the same.


2020-04-17 11-33
Never Be Plain; Always Be Bold
Ashan Fernando